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Software for managing the Deficiency notification and Curative response process in the Wholesale/Correspondent Relationship


For the Wholesale Lender

AcuVerifyMAX to effortlessly manage hundreds, or thousands of Correspondent Lenders and thousands of Deficiency Notices. Stay ahead, protect revenue, and unlock your full potential. 


For the Correspondent Lender

AcuVerifyPRO is the game-changer you've been searching for. Say goodbye to costly penalties and re-purchases. Take control of your operations and safeguard your profits. 

Manage the Deficiency and Correction process

with both Wholesalers and Correspondents

Millions of dollars are lost annually in the Mortgage Industry because of leakage. Wholesalers lose money because Correspondents fail to clear deficiencies in a timely manner which leads to cumulative extension fees, additional interest, penalties, and other costs. Wholesalers Time frames to cure deficiencies are very short and as result, many fail to cure in a timely manner and are forced to repurchase.

This negatively affects the Wholesaler as well as the Correspondent and results in hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost revenue for each company.

AcuVerify greatly decreases the time to manage the Deficiency and Correction process thus reducing leakage. AcuVerify also identifies departments and or staff within your company that require additional training and support.

AcuVerify helps both the Wholesaler and Correspondent, however, their needs and requirements are different and therefore each has a unique solution:

  • AcuVerifyMAX for the Wholesale Lender
  • AcuVerifyPRO for the Correspondent Lender
  • AcuVerifyBRIDGE when both Parties are using AcuVerify



for the Wholesale Lender


for the Correspondent Lender


when both Parties are using AcuVerify