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The complete solution for Correspondent Lender

Several of our Correspondent Lender clients expressed a problem regarding managing Deficiency Notifications from their wholesalers. One client said her company was assessed approximately $ 200,000 in penalties and fees from wholesalers in one year. These clients asked if we could help…

How much do you lose because of late deliveries?

All Correspondent Lenders have experienced the dreaded “Deficiency Letter”. We all know responding to this in a timely manner is Mission Critical. If the response is not done within the required time frame, the Correspondent could lose hundreds, thousands or be forced to re-purchase.

We listened and responded. The Answer to Leakage is…AcuVerify PRO.

Work smarter with

powerful features

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Receive Deficiency Notifications

  • Dedicated email address for Wholesale Deficiency Notifications
  • Routed to appropriate staff
  • Routed to Departments
  • Reminder dates
  • User Customizable


Review Deficiency and Curatives

  • Customized Process for Review
  • Reminder dates
  • Different Flow depending upon **
  • Quality Control prior to response


Respond and send Curatives

  • Confirmations
  • Notifications
  • Archived for **


Report Proces

  • Fully customizable reports
  • Dates, staff
  • Identify problem areas/staff
  • Systemize to lower rate lock extensions due to late delivery.

AcuVerify PRO

is very affordable

  • $ 695 monthly*. (Discount Available)
  • No set up charges.

  • No cancellation charges.

  • Month to Month, cancel at any time.