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AcuVerify MAX (Wholesale Lenders)

The wholesaler has hundreds of Correspondent Lenders and is faced with the task of managing hundreds or thousands of Deficiency Notices across various Correspondents every month.  The Wholesaler needs to obtain Curatives in a timely manner or face loss of revenue.

Wholesalers have specific different needs and requirements from the Correspondent. 

Wholesalers must efficiently address diverse needs by establishing clear communication and streamlined processes with Correspondent Lenders. This involves regular audits and performance evaluations for prompt deficiency identification. A collaborative relationship with Correspondent Lenders enhances their ability to navigate the mortgage industry intricacies and mitigate revenue losses.

AcuVerifyMAX was built specifically for the Wholesaler Lender and includes:

Correspondent Lender Information

  • Agreement with Correspondent
  • Renewal information
  • Back up documentation
  • Full contact details

Secure Portal/Storage

  • Documentation is stored in a secure manner
  • Security features protect access to documentation
  • Confirmation process that Correspondent has responded

Deficiency Tracking

  • Automated reminder notifications
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Reminder notifications

 Review Submissions

  • Establish review process
  • Respond with modifications
  • Establish time periods and reminders

Renewal tracking

  • Required updates from Correspondent
  • Reminder notifications
  • Establish tracking flow

Score Card

  • Evaluate Correspondent

(When both the Wholesaler and Correspondent is using AcuVerify)

AcuVerifyBRIDGE "The BRIDGE connects both sides."

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for the Wholesale Lender

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for the Correspondent Lender

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when both Parties are using AcuVerify

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