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AcuVerifyPRO (Correspondent Lenders)

Several of our Correspondent Lender clients expressed a problem regarding managing Deficiency Notifications from their wholesalers. One client said her company was assessed approximately $ 200,000 in penalties and fees from wholesalers in one year. These clients asked if we could help…

How much do you lose because of late deliveries?

All Correspondent Lenders have experienced the dreaded “Deficiency Letter”.  We all know responding to this in a timely manner is Mission Critical. If the response is not done within the required time frame, the Correspondent could lose hundreds, thousands or be forced to re-purchase.   This “leakage” costs your company hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. 

AcuVerify PRO can help you reduce annual leakage dramatically. 

AcuVerifyPRO provides: 

Wholesaler Lender Information

  • Agreement with Wholesaler
  • Renewal information
  • Back up documentation
  • Full contact details

Secure Portal/Storage

  • Documentation is stored in a secure manner
  • Security features protect access to documentation
  • Confirmation process that Curatives have been received

Deficiency Tracking/Submission

  • Establish Internal flow of request
  • Automated reminder notifications
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Reminder notifications
  • Reporting
  • Identify problem areas

AcuVerifyBRIDGE "The BRIDGE connects both sides."

(When both the Wholesaler and Correspondent is using AcuVerify)

There is no additional cost for AcuVerifyBRIDGE.

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for the Wholesale Lender

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for the Correspondent Lender

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when both Parties are using AcuVerify

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